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World of Warcraft fan-fiction writing community.
This is a community for the fans of Blizzard's MMORPG World of Warcraft who write fan-fiction. If you have written stories that take place in the world of Azeroth, please join this community and post your stories here!

Please introduce yourself in this post.

Eventually I'd like to have a tag listing of authors and stories that way each ongoing story would be easier to follow.

WoWFics--A community for Fanfiction

Copyright: Please give credit where needed. For example, the above banner was made from a Blizzard image (you can find the wallpaper at the worldofwarcraft.com site).

Shammie Line

    Basic rules:

  • Be respectful. Constructive criticism is good unless the author requests otherwise. Simply bad-mouthing a story or harassing an author is a no-no. "Trolling" is also not allowed.

  • Please run stories at least through spell-check. We'd like to try to keep the grammar and spelling quasi-good here.

  • Linking to a story is okay: please say someplace that you will be taken to a different place. Remember this is a FANFIC community. Screenshots or posts about your new gear are not appropriate here. (See other communites of note at the bottom of this bio). Each story should be a new post in the community.

  • Please use an LJ-cut.

  • Although the WORLD Warcraft is set in belongs to Blizzard, stories posted here belong to the people who wrote them. Ask author's permission if you would like to use/repost the story.

  • As mentioned before, this is not the place to post about servers being down.

  • No "WoWSPAM" here. Please don't try to sell items, promote random communities, or sell WoW gold here. Quickest way to get banned.

  • Stories containing adult content, graphic violence, or anything else that might be deemed offensive, please use a warning. An example of how stories should be posted follows. You don't HAVE to use this format, but it's easy and includes a rating. Plus continuity is good.

    Posting Format:
    Title: (Let us know if it's ongoing. Such as "Title Part II." Linking to Part I might be nice too.)
    Rating: (Anything over PG-13 should for SURE have a warning).
    Length: (Short, Medium, Long, Epic.)
    Notes: (This is the place for a brief message, links to your characters bios, etc.)

Of course if rules are broken, they will be judged with understanding. But if a user repeatedly breaks rules, they will be removed. If you feel that something is wrong with a post, please feel free to e-mail a moderator. We're here to help. Remember to have fun!

Shammie Line

Current Moderater(s): Questions? Comments?

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