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Beyond the Setting Sun


This is my first post to this little community, and sort of my debut into the Warcraft fandom. I'm not a stranger to writing fanfic, but as this is my first Warcraft fanfic, I'm a little nervous :P

Anyway, the story (prologue and chapters 1-3) as follows: (NOTE: Link to its fanfiction.net page. Later chapters will be posted directly here.)

Title: Beyond the Setting Sun
Author: alf_b
Genre: drama/romance
Rating: NC-17 or M for death, violence, and suggestive themes
Summary: High elf and blood elf. Alliance and Horde. Meditation and absorption. Two different races that still share so many similarities. Introducing the chronicles of such a pair - the rifts that divide them and test their love...
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Title: Nobody
Author: LadyoftheMasque
Rating: NC-17 (adult content, including descriptions of gore, death, labor, and smut)
Length: Long (novel-length, 108.5k words)
Disclaimer: This is a work of fun and parody (allowable by US Law) only, not profit. All copyrights are otherwise respected; any recognizable characters and situations are either merely coincidence or parodied (again, allowable by US Law). This disclaimer is applicable to all parts of this story, wherever posted.

(If anyone was wondering where I got the idea, it was based off of a very disturbing dream I had literally the night before the pre-WotLK zombie invasion world event. Literally just a few hours before that began. @.o *twitch* Alas, the only way to get rid of some crack-bunnies is to write 'em out... If you're curious about the details of the dream, just ask--though don't say I didn't warn you about the *twich*-iness of it. Or just wait and read; the story is much, much better and far less crack-bunny-ish.) ~Lotm

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A Tremor in The Grove

Title: A Tremor in The Grove, Part I: Invitation
Author: Me.
Rating: PG.
Length: 4,000 words.
Notes: This is set long before the Scourge attack on Quel'thalas. While most of the characters are mine, Revastus, Ethahir, Zaleri and Larinath were both created by a friend. The Sunwell Guardians are in no way canon; they're my own creation. That said, everything still belongs to Blizzard.
Summary: Vyn'thas Averyn breaks the long-standing traditions of the Sunwell Guardians when he invites an outsider named Revastus Firewing to study the Sunwell's energies directly. What he does not expect, however, is a foreboding discovery that threatens the foundation of the Order itself. Part one of three.

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..."A Tremor in The Grove" is still sort of a working title because I'm indecisive.
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