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"Heartbeats": A Stormwind-centric Short Story

Hello everyone! I wondered if there was a community here on LJ for WoW 'fics, and here it is!

Title: Heartbeats
Author: hooves// Kitten Kisses
Characters: Li'l Timmy, Ol' Emma
Location: Stormwind
Genre: Introspective
Rating: K+
Length: 900 words.
Notes: I don't claim to be knowledgeable about these NCPs, but I have a strange love for NPCs in general. Especially those that have a possible story behind them. So please enjoy this short (practice) piece about kitten-loving Li'l Timmy (with special appearances from other NPCs of Stormwind)!

The cut will take you to!

((And sometimes, late at night, he’ll wonder if he can hear the sound a million hearts beating.))

Feedback would be VERY much appreciated, as this was my first attempt at Wowfic. :D You can also find this story here at swayingtheflame.
Tags: alliance
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